Rabbi Eitan Phillips and Elana Phillips

Eitan and Elana are the founding couple of the Dr. Mordecai D. Katz z’l JLIC at Tel Aviv University program.

Eitan grew up in London and has been in Israel for most of the last decade including serving in the IDF. After learning at Yeshivat Hakotel, he studied Jewish history and Politics at Hebrew University. He studied for his Masters at Haifa University, while learning for Smicha with Mizrachi Musmachim. Eitan has worked in high-tech and was the youth director at Shivtei Yisrael in Raanana for two years, prior to establishing the program at Tel aviv University. Elana made aliyah at age 7 from New York to Efrat. She did sherut Leumi in a home for children at risk and then was a Madricha at Midreshet Moriah, while studying for her BA in Psychology and Education at Hebrew University. Elana was also a youth director in Raanana for two years. Elana worked in high tech for a year, and completed has completed her MA in Educational psychology and works in schools in Tel Aviv as an educational psychologist.


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